New Book on Ancient History

If history is your bag and you enjoy a trip down a very long memory lane, more of a long and winding road really, or a worm hole through millenniums, then my new book on ancient history might please you. It follows my studies into occidental or classical ancient history, and provides some analysis and examinations into the events and identities of these far away times. Far away but probably more pertinent to the understanding of our race than ever before.  If you can grasp where you came from then you have a better chance of seeing where you are heading.

Although, it is easy to pretend that you are alone in the world, you inside your bubble making your way through life, it is an illusion. You are, and I am also, a person moulded by family and cultural influences. The history of our families, the history of our communities, nations and ultimately our race, all impinge upon our identities. The stories that tell of who we are, they are written in history, whether they be indigenous, local or archetypal; they ring true when heard or read. Understanding our narratives, the stories which can apply to us, can reveal great insight into who we really are.

Alexander the Great is a man who stands at the centre of so much of our human history. He embodies the hero, the adventurer, the conqueror, the king, the drunkard, the bisexual, the great warrior, the lover of exotic women; so many stories rolled into one being. Alexander conquered much of the known world, extending Hellenic might and influence all the way to India. Philip, his father, began the journey from Macedonia but was cut down by an assassin before he could join the invasion begun by his general. Discover what Alexander faced in his succession and then invasion of the greatest empire on Earth.

Jezebel, most of us have heard this name used as a pejorative to describe a fallen or bad woman, and know it is from the Christian Bible. The truth from history tells a different story of a Sidonian princess who in a political marriage weds  Ahab the King of Israel. She comes from a culturally different background and is not a Jew, Ahab married her to create political stability within the region. His opponents pillory her and use her to justify a bloody coup; she is torn to bits and fed to the dogs.

Essays on Ancient History contains 30 essays and articles illuminating the Greek, Roman and Hebrew worlds.


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