digmktBannerdesignSauce is your graphic design studio du jour. for all your graphic design requirements – online and in print. for ad design and signage –  designSauce  can create  beautiful and effective graphic art for your business  logo design by designSauce. website design by designSauce.



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for great graphic design with heart and soul 

  • professional layout
  • typographic design

  • present your brand to the marketplace in the style demanded by today’s world

  • affordable brilliance

  • business cards – brochures – advertisements – flyers – web banners – signs and more.

  • we are now using Adobe’s CS6 – the very latest graphic design and web design tools available.

designSauce also offers professional copywriting and marketing analysis services for businesses, who are  promoting their products and services locally and around the world. designSauce is the right choice for internet marketing –  for SEO, designSauce is a one stop shop, we can put your website at the top of your customers search –  designSauce for affordable, quick and practical web design. journalism and editing services for your articles promoting you or your brand.

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Neptune and Amphtrite

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Graphic design has probably never been more important than it is right now, with the emphasis on impeccable presentation and the market’s high expectations. Everywhere you look – on the web; on TV; in magazines and signage everywhere- you see great graphics with brilliant colour and state of the art design, imparting the message. You simply cannot reach the market without professionally designed graphics. How will you attract your customer’s attention in a sea of brilliance with clunky looking presentation? What will that say about your product? That it is second rate – and who needs that albatross around your neck to begin a promotional campaign with.

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Technological innovation has provided skilled designers with incredible digital tools, with which to create stunning images and effects. And these holographic, kalaidoscopic blazes of colour are now at your beck and call – enabling your product to be associated with startling and impressive images and iconography. Great graphic designers, like all artists spend their time searching and seeking out arresting images and symbols, with which to represent their original vision and you can call upon them to align this talent with your product. Design at the same time has never been more affordable for a greater majority of the population and is now available in smaller centres away from our capital cities.

Postscript World

Excert from Bruce Mau’s Life Style

Until the invention of Postscript, so aptly named by Adobe Systems, the simultaneous production of image and text made for an awkard marriage.  There were some attempts at integration, most notably in cinema, where designers like Saul Bass synthesised text and image to powerful effect. But these undertakings were costly, cumbersome and time-consuming. In print, filmstripping, every bit as cumbersome and costly as in film, remained the technique of marrying text and image.

Postscript changed all that. Its principal innovation was the invention of a “page description language” used to describe any point on the surface, whether it was text or image . There is no longer any distinction between text and non-text, image and non-image. With the elimination of that distinction Adobe ushered in an entirely new aesthetic and a new model of “thinking the page” that will change the way typography itself is conceived.

If we look closely at the history of typography, it’s principally a history of evolving typographic production techniques. The forms are in fact inseparable from the ways in which they were produced. The same will apply to Postscript. The consequences remain to be seen.


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